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5 Scenarios Where Snap Off Blades Can Be Useful

As a leading supplier of knives and blades, Knife-Point are continuing to supply a variety of blades to a number of trades. Snap off blades are one of their showcase products and with them you can find snap off blades made in Sheffield from hardened and tempered carbon steel; as well as blades from reputable manufacturers such as Olfa.

When using snap off blades from Knife-Point, accuracy and reliability are guaranteed. These tools are transferable across a number of different trades, ensuring plenty of repeat custom for this supplier. As such, they’ve put together a list of 5 common uses for these tools:

Within the Packaging Trade

Stubborn packaging can present a problem. This can be countered through the regular implementation of a sharp blade; which is where Knife-Point can help. Their variety of snap off blades will ensure that you never run into any trouble again when it comes to working with difficult materials.

Within the Flooring Trade

Snap off blades are essential for individuals employed within the flooring trade. No matter the material that you need to cut, the end result will be the same every time – precision, quality and reliability. Those working within the industry need to be able to guarantee exact accuracy, which is something that these blades can provide.

Within the Roofing Trade

For roofers, to ensure that the property they are finishing is correctly sealed and left running in optimum condition, these blades can ensure all the pieces of the puzzle are perfectly completed. Workers within this trade rely on concise cutting tools for precise repairs and installation, so these knife blades are perfectly appropriate.

Within the Designing Trade

It’s all in the details for those working within the designing trade. An architect, for example, may need to produce a realistic scale model of a building they’re building. To communicate this effectively the model itself needs to be expertly accurate; and precise cutting of the individual components can be ensured with the appropriate snap off blades.

Within the Craft Trade

Whether it’s making cards with delicate features on them, or decorations that need to fit perfectly together, it’s essential to have access to a blade that ensures precision in the craft trade. Snap off blades are well-placed to assist and can be easily fitted to your handle as and when required.

Extensive Choice of Snap Off Blades, Planer Blades and Trimming Knife Blades

Knife-Point is the leading supplier of these blades to customers in Sheffield and further afield. They also offer extensive choice of trimming knife blades and planer blades; so don’t hesitate to place your order today. You can contact them by calling 0114 2507554; or alternatively drop them an email via They’ll quickly deal with your enquiry in a highly satisfactory manner.