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A Sign of the Times

50 years ago, us Brits decided we were on the move! Having built new-fangled motorway infrastructures and with more of us were buying more cars their price having lowered and therefore becoming greatly more affordable to the masses, the nation was on the move quicker and more frequently than it had ever been previously. Soon, however, this became a problem, though not from the issues you may have thought, but rather due to our incomprehensible or lacking road signs. This problem was discussed at the 1931 Geneva Convention entitled “Concerning the Unification of Road Signals”. It was highlighted that visual aids were the key to new British road signs and a fewer words as possible were to be used. This was not because the Brits were all illiterate in the 60s but mainly due to dim lighting, bad weather conditions and high speed all preventing signs and signals from being read properly and warnings being missed.   Ministry members listened and asked for the assistance of a graphic designer from Hyde Park, named Jock Kinneir, to help keep the country safe whilst driving. So, new signs were designed with the assistance of his talented, young pupil, Margaret Calvert, who later became his business partner. The signs go the thumbs up from the ministry and in 1965 a leaflet was canvased through every door in the country, titled “The New Traffic Signals”. This was the modernity turning point for British signage. Kinneir and Calvert designed signs have barely been changed since 1965 – 50 years later, their names live on.

50 Years In the Signage Industry Is A Good Sign!

From the 19th until the 27th September is the London Design Festival 2015. This event amalgamates design and creative geniuses from the entire country, giving them an opportunity to showcase their designs. These range from specific items from our built environment, functional daily necessities and decorative luxury items. This free to attend event has never been held on such a large scale, hosting around 400 events. One of the most celebrated exhibitions to see this year is being held at the Design Museum and is the 50 years of British road signs Exhibition, designed by Calvert and Kinneir. This exhibition is also free and shows curated archived materials by Made North, as well as celebrating the installation of both original and new British signage.

Image Sign Studio

Image Sign Studio are professional makers of signs Sheffield, and are pleased to show their support of the 50 Years of British Road Signs Exhibition, freely available for you to see now. Signage Sheffield, Image Sign Studio, was established 11 years ago by Richard and Dean. Having previously worked together in the signage industry, this dynamic duo bring everything you could possibly need to the signage industry. Between them, they are able to bring together all aspects of the signage industry and create exactly what each individual customer needs directly, on-site. This enables Image Sign Studio to offer a multi-faceted array of services to their customers, with specialisms including:

  • Large retail signage
  • Commercial signage
  • School and Hospital signage
  • 3D Signs
  • LED Signs
  • CNC Routering

How To Contact Image Sign Studio

If you need advice or assistance in relation to the manufacturing or installation of your new shop sign Sheffield, then call Richard and Dean at Image Sign Studio on 0114 261 7617 or alternatively, you can email them at