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  • Choosing a Sign for Your Business
    If you’ve ever had to squint at a sign you’ll know just how important size and lettering is. It’s important for your new sign to be able to grab the attention of potential customers and get the desired message across. At Image Sign Studio in Sheffield and Rotherham, they help you to create the most effective, eye-catching and professional signage for your business. From assisting you in choosing the type of sign to the material, the size, shape and even the finer details such as the lettering options e.g. acrylic letters and acrylic cut out letters. They are here to … Read more
  • All about 3D mapping, 3D modelling & 3D scanning
    3D mapping for architects, construction, and engineering involves creating digital representations of physical spaces and structures to aid in design, planning, analysis, and communication throughout the project lifecycle. The following example was created by 360 Virtual View (based in Sheffield, UK) and included full internal and external scanning & mapping: The example above generated the following files 3D mapping, 3D modelling and 3D scanning for architecture, construction, and engineering 3D mapping, also known as 3D modelling or 3D scanning, plays a significant role in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. It involves creating three-dimensional representations of physical objects or … Read more
  • Musical toys for the little performer
    Established in 1981, today Plan Toys has branched out to Asia, America, Europe, and Australia – bringing optimism, creativity, and a passion for sustainability to communities all over the world. By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, their wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development. The following toys are perfect for kids with a flair for music. Solid Drum March to the beat of your own drum and create rhythms with this drum set complete with a drumstick, helping develop children’s spatial perception and motor skills, as well as improving hand eye coordination. The … Read more
  • Keeping your business financials up-to-date
    Running a business can be time-consuming, stressful, and even overwhelming sometimes. It’s easy it is to lose track of managing, monitoring and keeping a thorough record of transactions and finances on top of everything else. However, it is a legal obligation to keep these records and not doing so adequately can result in fines. Fortunately, getting a professional accountant to provide bookkeeping services can save you a lot of time, stress and worry. If you’re looking for a London, Rotherham or Sheffield accountant or bookkeeper, Millhouses Accountancy are here to help. Below are the benefits to using our Rotherham and … Read more
  • What is a backlit sign?
    An important consideration for any business, event or promotional drive should be signage. Signs can be used to not only help spread your message but also attract customers and set yourself apart from your competition. Investing in a sign is a significant step towards reinforcing your brand but it is not surprising that many businesses aren’t sure where to start when deciding on a sign that suits them. If you’re asking yourself what kind of sign is best for your business then we can help. There are various formats available in order to ensure you can create the eye-catching impact … Read more
  • Vinyl Window Graphics and Shop Sign Sheffield for Poppies Bakehouse
    Ecclesall Road is a great mix of eclectic boutiques, independent shops and cafes, restaurants and eateries, so the new bakery will be the perfect addition to this popular street. Poppies Bakery is the newest addition to the busy Banner Cross area of Ecclesall Road in Sheffield, offering a range of savoury dishes and freshly baked cakes and tarts. Sheffield born Natalie Hall, aged 24, received support for the venture by Leeds Beckett University, which awarded her the Vice Chancellor’s Enterprise Scholarship worth £3,000. The bakery is a take away and a sit-in eatery with a vintage feel and a modern … Read more
  • Virtual Tour Questions Answered
    Virtual tours are becoming increasingly sought after as effective marketing material. With the realization of their online value for potential customers, many businesses are now investing in virtual tours. With the sudden growth comes misunderstandings and uncertainties about what you can expect from a virtual tour company. As an experienced and highly regarded virtual tour company operating in the Sheffield, Derbyshire and Peak District areas we wanted to help customers get the most from their virtual tours, so below are 4 questions to ask your virtual tour company before hiring. 1) What equipment will you use for the virtual tour? … Read more
  • Stand out with a virtual tour from 360 Virtual View
    With so much marketing and promotion now happening online, businesses are looking for new ways to catch customers eyes and stand out from the competition. This is where the innovative virtual tour comes in, by bringing the best aspects of your business to the spotlight you can grab customers attention and increase sales with ease. Read on to discover what a virtual tour 360 actually is and the benefits for your business. If you are in need of a virtual tour company and you are based around the Sheffield, Derbyshire and Peak District areas contact, 360 Virtual View for more … Read more
  • Why get a virtual tour for your business
    Not everyone is sold on creating a virtual tour for their business but the below reasons will show you why they are definitely worth your time. 360 Virtual View are a professional virtual tour company operating in and around Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Peak District and they’ve helped many businesses showcase their properties, businesses  and showrooms using virtual tours. Don’t shy away from this technology as it can provide you with so many benefits. Increase the likelihood of receiving bookings A virtual tour allows potential customers to get a more accurate feel for what you have on offer, increasing their … Read more
  • On Trend Wedding Décor
    It’s the finer details that really bring a wedding together, the décor you choose will help to set the tone and shape your event. Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, that’s why we are here to help you with some wedding ideas. Below are some of the latest trends that are the perfect addition to any wedding. Brighten the day and give the photos of your special day an edge with these gorgeous props. Light Up Your Day Make a big statement and add some wow factor with incredible lit up letters. The 5ft LED letters provide a visual … Read more
  • The Perfect Wedding Dance floor
    Are you looking to add an extra sparkle to your wedding day? If you are hoping your guests will get up to dance and enjoy the happiest day of your life by your side, take a look at hiring an LED dance floor for the occasion. Weddings take a lot of time and effort to organize so take some of the stress away by letting us handle the dance floor. There’s no doubt that the dance floor is an essential part of the party and dance floor hire with Fun4Hire makes it even easier to guarantee a great dance will … Read more
  • 4 Ways Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression
    First impressions count. We all know it and we are all guilty of making split second judgements. We judge books by their covers and businesses by their signs, it happens and that is why we want to help your business make a great first impression. Positive customer experience brings with it; more sales, increased customer loyalty and the further building of your brand. If you’re in the Sheffield or Rotherham areas, Image Sign Studio can help your new customers feel welcome and satisfied from the get go (making them much more likely to come back to your business time and … Read more
  • Fun wedding ideas for 2018 – 2019
    The biggest day of your life is on the horizon and it needs to be picture perfect. With so much to organize and book it’s easy to overlook some of the finer details, which is why we’ve put our favourite fun wedding ideas together in one place. These details may seem small on paper but they will help you to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. Mr & Mrs Giant Letters Elegant and beautifully lit giant letters can be used as a stunning focal piece for your special day. These large letters stand at 5 feet tall and create a … Read more
  • Sheffield Shop Signs Manufacturer with a Difference
    Image Sign Studio design and manufacturer the highest quality shop signs here in their Sheffield workshop. They manufacture a huge range of type of shop signs & business signs to suit every business from high-street shops to warehouses – in fact They’re still to find a job they can’t do! However, it’s always useful to have a list of our their popular shop sign types – you never know when you’ll be in the market Image Sign Studio’s Most Popular Business, Shop Signs, and Letter Types Fret cut signage – fret cut signage, also sometimes known as fret cut lettering or … Read more
  • 3D Virtual Tours, 360-Degree Photography, and VR Experiences for your business
    Virtual tours are an amazing asset to many businesses and organisations including: tourist attractions stately homes estate agents letting agents renters cultural spaces restaurants hotels and more! However, in the current economic climate, getting the competitive advantage over your competitors is vital. Below are 4 Ways a Virtual Tour Can Benefit Your Business Press ‘play’ then press the ‘view in full screen’ link A virtual tour is an immersive & interactive experience that allows on-line visitors to see inside your property without taking a single step outside of their home. Your potential customers can see inside your business in a … Read more
  • Aluminium Tray Cut to Fret Cut Signage – 4 Ways Your Business Can Make a Great First Impression
    First impressions count. We all know it and we are all guilty of making split second judgements. We judge books by their covers and businesses by their signs, it happens and that is why we want to help your business make a great first impression. Positive customer experience brings with it; more sales, increased customer loyalty and the further building of your brand. If you’re in the Sheffield or Rotherham areas, Image Sign Studio can help your new customers feel welcome and satisfied from the get go (making them much more likely to come back to your business time and … Read more
  • Shop Signs and Street Signs Drop Letters to Raise Awareness of Giving Blood
    National Blood Week runs from 8 – 14 June, and the campaign hopes to build awareness of the shortage and encourage the public to donate blood. They’ve called the campaign #MissingType, and even the Prime Minister’s official residence has become D wning Street. As makers of shop signs Sheffield, we think it’s a great idea to show support for such a worthy cause in a way that will be seen by huge numbers of people and help to raise awareness. National Blood Week The campaign to raise awareness of National Blood Week has swept across the UK, causing letters to … Read more
  • Sheffield Sign Manufacturer Hits the Spot with Fret Cut Lettering
    Promotion and marketing are incredible powerful when done properly but when corners are cut and things are skimped on it quickly becomes costly and ineffective. To avoid you throwing your money down the drain we want to take you back to basics for a second. It’s all well and good having your team working off the latest cloud technology but if your business signage is old, worn or damaged you are guaranteed to be losing out on potential customers on a daily basis. To help you, we’ve outlined some key ways you can enhance your business using signage. If you’re … Read more
  • It’s Sheffield Café’s Thyme for a new Sign
    Projects here at Image Sign Studio signage Sheffield, this month have included a project with Thyme Café, the highly esteemed establishment in Broomhill, Sheffield. Thyme Café had decided that it was thyme for a change and so enlisted us to do just that, exactly the way they needed it to be done! We started the project of redoing their café face around two weeks ago. It was decided that Aluminium Sign Trays and Digital Print with Aluminium Lettering with CNC Cut Out would be used for their new signage. Once manufactured, it only took us a couple of hours to … Read more
  • A Sign of the Times
    50 years ago, us Brits decided we were on the move! Having built new-fangled motorway infrastructures and with more of us were buying more cars their price having lowered and therefore becoming greatly more affordable to the masses, the nation was on the move quicker and more frequently than it had ever been previously. Soon, however, this became a problem, though not from the issues you may have thought, but rather due to our incomprehensible or lacking road signs. This problem was discussed at the 1931 Geneva Convention entitled “Concerning the Unification of Road Signals”. It was highlighted that visual … Read more
  • Ensuring Satisfaction with Top Planer Blades Service
    Knife-Point’s priority is to deliver satisfaction to their customers through their product ranges. Whether it’s planer blades for woodworking or trimming knife blades for the fitting of carpets, they continue to remain confident in saying that they have the tools you need to get the job done right. To ensure the long-term happiness of customers that spend money with them, Knife-Point follow a consistent process to make sure they tick all the boxes of good service. Whilst they understand that many of their clients will have the knowledge-base to make the educated purchases they need to, they’re always there to … Read more
  • Reasons to Choose Image Sign Studio for Your Sheffield Shop Sign Sign
    We Have Some Fantastic Testimonials Under our Belt Nothing tells you more about the quality and reliability of a company than positive testimonials from their customers. We have acquired a great many glowing testimonials from happy customers. For example, Roger Reade of Sheffield & Hallamshire County Football Association said: “We are all absolutely delighted with the signs now that they have all been erected around the building. They really look smashing! Many thanks to Image Sign Studio for all your hard work in installing them – they have been really excellent.” Allie Langham of Chrysalis Photography said: “Quick, slick and … Read more
  • Carpet Tradesmen Require the Best Trimming Knife Blades
    As a tradesman, you need the right tools available for you to readily deliver satisfaction to your customers. This is particularly relevant when it comes to carpet fitting, which requires a special type of blade for you to be able to implement any work to the best of your ability.For such applications, the trimming knife blades available at Knife-Point are absolutely ideal. Coming in a range of sizes and quantities – with competitive pricing to boot – you’d be hard-pressed to find the products you need in a better place. To help back up why the trimming knife blades that … Read more
  • Case Study of Illuminated Shop Sign Sheffield Installation
    Béres Pork Shops were founded in 1961, after the Hungarian butcher Sandor Béres left Budapest during the 1956 uprising against the communists. As a political refugee in Britain, his aim was to establish a chain of shops and build a successful business. Sandor and his wife Eileen opened their first shop in 1961, predominantly as butchers specialising in pork and beef. After seeing an excellent opportunity in the making and selling of freshly made pork sandwiches, the couple quickly built a good reputation. Béres Pork Shops are very much a family affair, with the couple’s children Richard, Helen and Catherine … Read more
  • Organic Content Creation and 3 Reasons Why It’s Important for SEO
    The chief aim of any SEO campaign is to drive genuine, high-quality traffic to the website in question. This can be achieved by combining white-hat link building with valuable organic content creation; which can both help you to achieve your ranking goals. With that in mind, Seven Creative are perfectly placed to help; and continue to offer Sheffield SEO services to businesses on both a monthly and one off basis. Focussing on the production of shareable, engaging website copy; they have a proven track record when it comes to successfully ranking sites across a wide spectrum of trades. With that … Read more
  • Objections to Controversial Plans to Demolish Devonshire Street, Report Shop Sign Makers Sheffield
    Campaigners have been trying to raise the money needed for the legal costs for a judicial review to overturn the decision to knock the shops down on Devonshire Street. Campaigners have been fighting ever since to save them from being bulldozed, and have now raised £15,000 in order to launch a legal battle. The money will cover the costs in case permission for a review of the case is refused, and has been raised through a variety of fundraising events and activities including an art auction, gigs, and online crowdfunding from those who support the campaigners. Objections to the Controversial … Read more
  • Moor Market Footfall Down, Report Shop Sing Makers Sheffield
    The new Moor Market hasn’t gone down quite as well as Sheffield City Council had hoped unfortunately. According to recent figures, half a million fewer people visited the Moor Market in its first year compared to the last year that Castle Market was open. The Council are now reducing the market traders’ rent by half until March 2017 due to the poor trading conditions. The council, however, are more optimistic about the future of the Moor Market and are offering 4 weeks of free rent to new traders. There are also plenty of events scheduled at the market this summer … Read more
  • 5 Ways Stanley Knife Blades Can Help Around the House
    Stanley knife blades form one of Knife-Point’s cornerstone ranges and they always offer great choice to their customers when it comes to these products. For those wondering where they may come in useful, this supplier have put together a guide surrounding 5 ways in which they could help you around your own property. The tools are always popular due to the fact that they can be used across a number of different tasks. Suitable for a variety of different purposes, these cutting tools have been manufactured for decades; so you can be confident in their reliability and quality. General Household … Read more
  • The Importance of Updating the Content on your News Page
    Keeping visitors coming back to your website is a really important thing to consider. Your regular customers may be very familiar with your site, but why not give them something new to read on their next visit? Loyal customers will be genuinely interested in your news, so adding fresh material to your site on a regular basis means that will come back to see what’s going on. You might not think that you have anything to talk about and may worry about generating ideas, but there are lots of things you could write a short article about. Sharing testimonials is a great idea, … Read more
  • 4 Planer Blades Errors to Avoid
    When it comes to product creation, one of the ways you can stay happy is through the consistent application of the most reliable tools; which is something Knife-Point are accustomed to providing to their customers. With a great selection of cutting products, this Sheffield-based knife supplier continues to help tradesmen working across a number of different sectors. One such group of clients are those who are employed within the woodworking field. These individuals regularly require top quality planer blades to best do their jobs; which Knife-Point are always able to supply. By using planer blades purchased directly from them, you … Read more
  • Add Another Dimension to your Shop Sign Sheffield with Window Graphics
    There are lots of advantages to window graphics. For example, they are a very cost effective way of decorating the front of your shop. Unlike a shop sign Sheffield, the level of installation is minimal, and digital printing means that the possibilities are almost endless. Because you’re not breaking the bank with a window graphic, if you change your mind or fancy a different look in a few months, you need not worry. They can be changed relatively easily, and can give you a degree of flexibility should you decide to promote a particular offer or service for a particular … Read more
  • Add Another Dimension to your Shop Sign Sheffield with Window Graphics
    There are lots of advantages to window graphics. For example, they are a very cost effective way of decorating the front of your shop. Unlike a shop sign Sheffield, the level of installation is minimal, and digital printing means that the possibilities are almost endless. Because you’re not breaking the bank with a window graphic, if you change your mind or fancy a different look in a few months, you need not worry. They can be changed relatively easily, and can give you a degree of flexibility should you decide to promote a particular offer or service for a particular … Read more
  • The Importance of Updating the Content on your News Page
    Keeping visitors coming back to your website is a really important thing to consider. Your regular customers may be very familiar with your site, but why not give them something new to read on their next visit? Loyal customers will be genuinely interested in your news, so adding fresh material to your site on a regular basis means that will come back to see what’s going on. You might not think that you have anything to talk about and may worry about generating ideas, but there are lots of things you could write a short article about. Sharing testimonials is a great idea, … Read more
  • Tips for Carpet Fitters Including Trimming Knife Blades
    The use of trimming knife blades can make your life as a carpet fitter a whole lot easier. Other things that can also help are included in this helpful article from Knife-Point, which covers 5 key thought processes you should go through if you work within this trade for a living. Micro Manage to the Size of the Job If you’re just fitting carpets for a couple of rooms in a small home, you’re not going to need more than a couple of pairs of hands. In contrast to this, if you’re working on a carpet refit for large commercial … Read more
  • Choose Stanley Knife Blades for Your Crafting Tasks
    For those producing craft items – either as a hobby or for a career – much reward can be taken from the activity. Further to this, to help tide you along and ensure your success, there are a number of helpful tips you can follow. One essential way to ensure success is through the tools you use, as this will have a big influence on both accuracy and end results – Stanley knife blades are ideal. With that in mind, Knife-Point have put together a detailed guide surrounding how they can help – and offered some other helpful tips too. … Read more
  • 5 Key Tips from Sheffield SEO Experts
    Keeping up with SEO trends needn’t be something that causes frustration. You can look forward to improved web rankings by sticking to clear strategy; which will ultimately drive more traffic to your site. You can minimise the impact of algorithm changes by taking care to publish optimised, organic, useful content on your site. Not only will this always be well-received by Google; it will also retain customers visiting your site for longer (also great for SEO). Whether you’re looking for one-off SEO site work, or ongoing content production, you need to make sure that you pick the right company to … Read more
  • Increase your Sales with a New Shop Sign Sheffield
    Image Sign Studio have the skills and experience to design and manufacture a wide variety of shop signs in Sheffield, from illuminated shop signs to 3D shop signs. They offer a range of business and commercial signage solutions to businesses all over the city, and they can help you too. Professional Shop Signs and Sales A professional looking and well designed shop sign Sheffield can effectively increase your sales by attracting more customers and increasing your potential audience. They can also educate your target audience about the goods and services you have to offer, encouraging them to buy. Draw in New Customers Shop … Read more
  • 5 Great Things About These Snap Off Blades
    Top quality blades are the forte of Knife-Point, who continue to supply their customers with fantastic tools. That is particularly true of their snap off blades, which form one of their showcase product ranges. Transferable across a number of trades, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. Variety is Essential With Knife-Point’s knife blades, great choice is provided to you whatever the range. No matter the specific quantities or sizes you’re searching for, they’re sure to have them in stock for you. By making such a variety of options available to you this company continue to remain confident … Read more
  • No Better Chesterfield Carpet Cleaners than These
    Chesterfield carpet cleaners Cleanwise Carpet Care are continuing to satisfy property owners with the fantastic work that they do. They’ve been established within the industry for more than 15 years, so you can be confident that they know what they’re doing when it comes to the trade. So when it comes to the ongoing upkeep of your carpets and upholstery don’t hesitate to choose this firm. They’ve highlighted some of their many attractive points here for you. Restore Don’t Replace Cleanwise work to the mantra of ‘restore don’t replace’. They believe that this is the most financially logical way to … Read more
  • How to Use Pinterest as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
    It’s free to sign up, and Pinterest users can upload, save, sort and organise images, or ‘pins’ through collections known as pin boards. Users can browse the content of others, and save individual pins to their own pin boards using the ‘Pin it’ button. If browsing a website other than Pinterest, images can be pinned to users’ pin boards using a ‘Pin it’ button that can be downloaded to the bookmark bar on your web browser. Users can also ‘repin’ pins from others on their own pin boards. Social Media Marketing World 2015 Last month, San Diego hosted the “Social Media … Read more
  • Devonshire Street Independent Shop Signs Sheffield will be Destroyed
    As professional makers of shop signage Sheffield, Image Sign Studio thinks it’s a great shame that this vibrant and eclectic area of the city will be replaced with flats and other shops. The director of Coda Planning has assured Sheffield residents that the building’s design will respect the street’s character and allow occupancy to continue. Image Sign Studio recently reported on the plans to demolish a number of shops on Devonshire Street in Sheffield, a popular area of the city centre with an eclectic mix of independent retail shops and quirky boutiques. As experts in the design and manufacture of … Read more
  • Carpet Cleaners in Rotherham Transforming Properties
    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaners in Rotherham are perfectly placed to help those looking to undertake a full spring clean. With more than 15 years experience in the industry, there are few things that they haven’t seen before; so you can be confident that they’ll be able to restore your carpets to their former glory. Surfaces, curtains and cupboards are some of the areas that commonly get taken care of; but it’s your carpets that could benefit most from a deep clean. The stains and dirt they can accumulate over the course of the year can be significant, so it’s … Read more
  • Fantastic Barnsley and Sheffield Carpet Cleaners
    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s Barnsley and Sheffield carpet cleaners are perfectly placed to help those looking for commercial cleaning services. They employ staff trained in the cleaning of both carpets and upholstery and can help improve working conditions for your employees whilst saving you serious money. It’s little wonder that they continue to lead in South Yorkshire. With impressive standards of application and access to the latest industry equipment, Cleanwise are sure to be able to meet any of your office needs. By cleaning in pairs they offer optimum efficiency and as such they’re always able to deliver satisfaction to their … Read more
  • This Carpet Cleaning Sheffield and Chesterfield is Impressive
    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaning Sheffield and Chesterfield experts have once again evidenced their ability to carry out the highest standard of work. They recently shared images of the job taken as it was in progress; with the photos showing just how effective their services can be. This particular job for these carpet cleaners in Sheffield was on behalf of an elderly lady who needed her lounge carpet thoroughly cleaning. With lots of carers coming and going the work was absolutely essential; as the carpet in question had become particularly messy as a result of the frequent use. Cleanwise were … Read more
  • Look no Further for New Planer Blades
    Knife-Point are the industry-leading supplier of excellent cutting tools; so you can be sure that you’re accessing quality when you choose them. When it comes to their planer blades, there really is no better place to buy your replacement products. The process of choosing new tools needs to be carried out in a way that suits you. It also helps if you can do this whilst working to a budget; which is something that Knife-Point fully understand. Their highly-reputable knife blades are always top quality and are sure to deliver satisfaction to you. Planer Blades Manufactured from Tungsten HSS When … Read more
  • Experienced Carpet Cleaners Rotherham Help Homeowners
    Pets can be a real source of joy for your household but it’s important to stay on top of the cleaning that’s required because of them. As the industry-leading carpet cleaners Rotherham, Cleanwise Carpet Care are ideally-placed to help and are heavily experienced in resolving common problems such as unpleasant odours and urine-soiled carpets. Through the combination of 100% safe detergents and the most powerful extraction equipment, Cleanwise only ever deliver the highest levels of satisfaction to their customers. Pet Urine Problems It’s all about managing a problem which is almost unavoidable with pets; particularly when they’re young. Small accidents … Read more
  • Retail Shop Signs in Spital Hill, Sheffield Revamped with Local Growth Fund
    Image Sign Studio has recently been involved in the regeneration of 47 independent shops signs Sheffield in Darnall, a suburb in the east of the city. As it was a £300,000 refurbishment project they really had their work cut out for them, as many of the shop fronts were in a poor state of repair, which was having a knock on effect on the area as a whole. Improvement of Shop Signs and Frontages The scheme aims to smarten up the frontages of the businesses to improve the overall look of the area. The idea is for the scheme to … Read more
  • Shop Sign Makers Sheffield Install Flex Face Sign for Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA
    Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA were formed in 1867, making them the first County Football Association in the country to be established. As experts in shop signs Sheffield, Image Sign Studio recently had the pleasure of manufacturing and installing a flex face sign for the exterior of Sheffield and Hallamshire County Football Association on Meadowhall Road in Sheffield. They also had the pleasure of meeting Uriah Rennie, the retired English football referee who was born in Sheffield. Outdoor flex face light boxes are effectively illuminated signs that are especially suitable for outdoor signage for retail parks, businesses signage, and shop … Read more
  • Carpet Cleaners Sheffield Giving Properties a Makeover
    It’s very common for property owners to find that the ongoing maintenance of their home has begun to slide. When you’re busy, it can be difficult to keep up with such things as your time is spent on other things. As experts in the revitalisation of properties, Cleanwise Carpet Care are perfectly placed to help. Their carpet cleaners in Sheffield are extensively experienced when it comes to returning carpets to their former glory. They combine the most innovative treatment processes with passion and pride to improve your quality of life with healthier carpets. There are many benefits you’ll feel as … Read more
  • Carpet Cleaners in Barnsley Transform Rugs Too
    It’s vitally important that you stay on top of the cleanliness of your property and Cleanwise Carpet Care are continuing to provide their customers with a comprehensive service that stands out clearly from the crowd. Their rug and carpet cleaners in Barnsley and Sheffield have been delivering satisfaction for many years. With access to the most innovative equipment, their highly-trained Barnsley carpet cleaners are extensively experienced. Thanks to this, they’re able to secure the future of your carpentry investments with long-lasting treatment processes that you will feel the benefit of for many years. Cleanwise make the state of your property … Read more
  • Why You Should Consider These Snap Off Blades
    Knife-Point are the leading supplier of snap off blades to the Sheffield area and further afield. They continue to supply these products as there are so many reasons attached to why to choose them. Knife-Point have put together a little guide surrounding why snap off blades are well worth your investment. Reasonably priced and available in a wide variety of sizes; there’s no better place to get yours than from them: Snap Off Blades Suitable for Many Tradesmen Graphic arts, crafts, packaging, flooring and roofing are just some of the many fields of work that these tools are used within; … Read more
  • Sheffield Shop Sign Makers Offer Useful Advice on Improving your Retail Sales
    As expert shop sign makers in Sheffield, we have come up with 5 top tips that will improve your retail sales, providing your business with a boost as well as bringing in the cash! Making a success of a retail shop comes down to one thing; sales. The purpose of any business is to bring in customers, and there are several ways in which you can accomplish this. Manage Your Cash Cash flow is really important to your business, regardless of how fantastic your products are or how great your customer service is. Money is the vital component that keeps … Read more
  • The Many Advantages of Carpet Cleaning Chesterfield
    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaning in Chesterfield is the most innovative of its kind available to those living in the area. Their thorough service will rid your home of stains, dirt and odours; as they complete all the work they do quickly and guarantee quick turnaround times to cause minimal disruption to you. They are able to do this thanks to the application of the most powerful extraction equipment; as their carpet cleaners in Chesterfield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield professionally transform your home. Cleanwise Carpet Care have put together a guide to some of the things you can look forward … Read more
  • Follow These Safety Tips for Stanley Knife Blades
    When carrying out varying tasks with your Stanley knife blades, it’s essential to follow basic safety advice to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. So many people use these blades thanks to their versatility and there is potential for injury; so it’s worth bearing your health in mind and taking the time to do some research. Knife-Point have done the hard work for you and put together their own Stanley knife blades safety tips. Don’t Forget to Retract The Blade It may sound simple but plenty of people have been hurt simply because they’ve not remembered to draw the blade … Read more
  • Rebuilding Sheffield’s Reputation as the UK’s Outdoor Capital with Shop Sign Makers Sheffield
    According to local newspaper The Sheffield Star, Sheffield Council is working on a plan to turn the old ski village site into a leisure hub. At 150 hectares in total, the land includes Parkwood Springs from Rutland Road in the south to Herries Road in the north. The scheme is set to build on existing facilities at the site, including a 2km mountain bike track that was originally developed by Steve Peat, the World Mountain Bike champion. The Largest Artificial Ski Resort in Europe The former ski village was once the largest artificial ski resort in Europe and attracted over … Read more
  • Office Carpet Cleaners in Sheffield
    This week, Cleanwise Carpet Care carried out another impressive office cleaning job for one of their more regular clients. The business in question got a last minute nod that they would be receiving a visit from a VIP and knew that they could rely on Cleanwise to carry out the high standard of work that they required. The excellent quality maintenance work was done by Cleanwise’s carpet cleaners in Sheffield, who were able to completely transform the carpets and upholstery pieces in question. This ensured that the business they were working for were able to make the impression they hoped … Read more
  • Great Choice with These Carpet Cleaning Sheffield Services
    Cleanwise Carpet Care can always guarantee 3 things – quality customer service, highly-skilled workmanship and most importantly, your satisfaction. With so much experience in the industry, they have forged their admired reputation over time and it’s little wonder that they are now the industry leading provider of carpet cleaning in Sheffield. Part of the reason for this is that they offer such a diverse array of services. Upholstery cleaning, domestic and commercial carpet cleaning and End of Tenancy services can all be purchased from them – but which is the most appropriate for you? Read this guide from Cleanwise to … Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Choose Rotherham Carpet Cleaners for Your Office
    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s owners have a number of highly-trained Rotherham carpet cleaners under their employment. They also have access to equipment that puts them right at the forefront of the market. As a result, they’ve swiftly become the go-to brand name for businesses in the area and it’s easy to see why. Their work leaves you safe in the knowledge that you’re taking care of the long-term cleanliness of your offices. Once you’ve used these commercial carpet cleaners in Rotherham you’re sure to return to them, so hiring them is a decision you won’t regret. To evidence their knowledge, Cleanwise … Read more
  • Great Advice on Changing Your Handheld Planer Blades
    Changing your handheld planer blades has never been simpler thanks to Knife-Point. As the industry leading supplier of knives and blades to the Sheffield area, they have put together a 5 step guide on how to carry out the process. Read on for their excellent advice: Shut off the Power Source To absolutely guarantee your safety when you’re carrying out a change of blades, always make sure that the power supply is disconnected to the device. It might sound obvious but out of all the steps in this guide it’s by far and away the most important one. Slightly Loosen … Read more
  • End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Sheffield Can Transform Your Landlord Fortunes
    One of those is their End of Tenancy carpet cleaning Sheffield service, which is perfectly placed to help landlords turning around their property for their next residency. It’s ideal for leaving a great impression during viewings and with that in mind Cleanwise have put together a list of benefits attached to this effective option for their clients: 100% Safe Detergents Each of the detergents that Cleanwise Carpet Care implement are child and pet safe, so you can feel confident in the products that they use. They always make completely sure to use 100% safe detergents. This process just further reinforces … Read more
  • £500m Retail Development Set to Transform Sheffield City Centre
    Residents of Sheffield will know that th£500m Retail Development Set to Transform Sheffield City Centree city centre has suffered in the period since the recession, with shops closing down and significantly less people visiting it, therefore new plans are encouraging for the future of the area. Plans from Sheffield City Council The latest news from the Sheffield Star reports that a group of Sheffield business people have announced £500 million plans to develop a new city centre retail quarter. Sheffield Retail Development Group says that they have the expertise, financial backing and the passion to ‘transform’ the city centre with … Read more
  • Devonshire Street Sheffield Petition Gains 18,000 Signatures
    Devonshire Street is a popular area of the city centre with an eclectic mix of independent retail shops and quirky boutiques selling everything from vintage jewellery and clothes to second hand books and records. But developers have recently submitted a planning application to Sheffield Council to demolish the string of independent retail shops on Devonshire Street and replace them with flats, restaurants and cafes. The application seeks to replace 162 to 170 Devonshire Street, which would result in the closure of the Natural Bed Company, Rare and Racy, the Rag Parade Vintage Store and Syd and Mallory. Professional Shop Sign … Read more
  • Trimming Knife Blades Have a Variety of Uses
    Sheffield is well-renowned within the knife manufacturing trade as a city that produces quality knife blades. Knife-Point is the leading supplier of the tools in the area and their customer base is continuing to expand. A variety of snap off blades and planer blades can be sourced from them; whilst they also offer extensive choice when it comes to trimming knife blades – which are useful for solving the following problems: Problems with Difficult Materials Trimming knife blades can be invaluable for professionals working within industries such as packaging, flooring and roofing. Vinyl and acrylic are just two of the … Read more
  • 5 Scenarios Where Snap Off Blades Can Be Useful
    As a leading supplier of knives and blades, Knife-Point are continuing to supply a variety of blades to a number of trades. Snap off blades are one of their showcase products and with them you can find snap off blades made in Sheffield from hardened and tempered carbon steel; as well as blades from reputable manufacturers such as Olfa. When using snap off blades from Knife-Point, accuracy and reliability are guaranteed. These tools are transferable across a number of different trades, ensuring plenty of repeat custom for this supplier. As such, they’ve put together a list of 5 common uses … Read more
  • 5 Things You May Not Have Known About Stanley Knife Blades
    As a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of knife blades – such as Swann Morton and trimming knife blades – Knife-Point are highly regarded in the Sheffield area. They have put together an intriguing list of 5 things that you may not have known about Stanley knife blades. Stanley knife blades are regularly sought after by customers throughout the world and it’s easy to understand why they have become so popular: An Understanding of Customer Needs One of the things that the company has done to set themselves apart from the competition is to really get stuck into … Read more
  • Professional Shop Sign Makers in Sheffield Advise on Preparing your Retail Shop for Christmas
    Now that Christmas shopping is in full swing, retail shops need to act now to maximise their profits over the festive season. As specialists in shop signs Sheffield, Image Sign Studio has put together a few steps that you can take to ensure that you make the most of this profitable season! Displays that Please the Eye Getting creative with displays can help your shop to thrive at Christmas time. Make your goods look as attractive as possible to your customers; think red and gold, fairy lights and snowflakes to create a winter wonderland effect. Make sure that your most … Read more
  • Shop Sign Makers Sheffield Help to Revamp Darnall Shopping Centre
    Image Sign Studio were delighted to be involved in the £300,000 refurbishment project, which saw the shops on Main Road and Staniforth Road in Darnall, Sheffield, receiving impressive makeovers, including new retail shop signs. As shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio know the dramatic effect a new shop sign can have on the exterior of a retail premises, and were more than happy to be involved in the Darnall revamp. Darnall Shops Undergo £300,000 Refurbishment Project The fantastic project has helped to revamp the rundown shop fronts of 47 independent shops in Darnall, a suburb in the East … Read more
  • Advanced Planer Blades Are Improving Results
    High standards of work are a given thanks to modern day planer blades. All you need to do is to decide which type of blades you require; and from which supplier you’d like to purchase them. There are plenty of these great products being offered by a number of different companies, but how do you know which is the right one for you? Knife-Point are undoubtedly the industry leader in the field; and are sure to deliver only the uppermost levels of customer satisfaction. Competition is fierce between knife manufacturers and suppliers; and Knife-Point have risen to the top of … Read more
  • 3D Stainless Steel Letters for Retail Shop Signs in Sheffield and Beyond
    Image Sign Studio originally carried out the manufacture and installation of the Help for Heroes shop sign in the shopping centre Meadowhall last year, and they are now manufacturing and installing signs for the shops all over the UK including Birmingham, Peterborough, Essex, Wimbledon and Bromley. It’s such a great cause, and Image Sign Studio were over the moon to be contributing to their retail expansion across the UK, supporting them in helping to raise funds for the tri-service military charity. 3D Backlit Letters for Retail Shop Sign As professional sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio is lucky enough to … Read more
  • Use a New Sheffield Shop Sign to Attract Customers over the Festive Season
    According to Mintel’s Christmas 2014 predictions a huge 87% of all retail sales will be made in shops in December 2014. Online shopping has been a hot topic of conversation for a number of years now as footfall on British high streets has made a gradual, but significant, decrease. So although the number of people doing online shopping is set to rise again, there’s still plenty that will carry out their shopping in store. Professional Sign Makers in Sheffield There’s nothing like going into a shop and physically holding a product, then to come home with the item in your … Read more
  • Sheffield Brunch Club at Wig and Pen on 9 October 2014
    Do you find networking intimidating? Do you find it boring Do you find it stressful? Well not at ours, we help break down these barriers. There is a very good reason why The Network is so popular – it works! Attracting senior decision-makers to our monthly meetings and the unique and professional format offers an effective environment for building close working links and establishing that invaluable ‘support network’ of business contacts. A great secret of successful networking – Simply allow people to get to know, like and trust you. Location and time: Wig & Pen, Campo Lane, SHEFFIELD, S1 9:30am for a 10am start, finish 11:30am … Read more
  • 5 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Retail Premises from Shop Signs Sheffield
    Here are 5 ways to catch the eye of potential customers and convince them that your shop is where they’ll spend their money. When it comes to attracting customers to your retail premises and increasing the amount of people that you get through the door, appearances count! Invest in a Great Shop Sign Sheffield Having a decent retail shop sign Sheffield for your business is the perfect way to make a great first impression. Passers-by will not only notice an effective shop sign, it will also help you to stand out from your competitors. When browsing and shopping, people are … Read more
  • Sheffield Brunch Club at Wig and Pen on 25 September 2014
    Do you find networking intimidating? Do you find it boring Do you find it stressful? Well not at ours, we help break down these barriers. There is a very good reason why The Network is so popular – it works! Attracting senior decision-makers to our monthly meetings and the unique and professional format offers an effective environment for building close working links and establishing that invaluable ‘support network’ of business contacts. A great secret of successful networking – Simply allow people to get to know, like and trust you. Location and time: Wig & Pen, Campo Lane, SHEFFIELD, S1 9:30am for a 10am start, finish 11:30am … Read more
  • Trimming Knife Blades in Abundance
    Whatever material cutting task you need to carry out, there should be no problems when you choose to use trimming knife blades from Knife-Point. Graphics artists, roofers, joiners and those from many more trades have been choosing them as their go to tools for years. All the blades are suitable for heavy duty tasks, with the concave versions of this type of blade perfect for carrying out work which requires particularly durable tools. You can’t put a price on having a tool that prioritizes practicality, and it is no surprise that these blades have become so popular across a variety … Read more
  • Increase Exposure to Your Brand using Vehicle Livery and a Shop Sign Sheffield
    One of the many great things about vehicle signage Sheffield is that it is an incredibly cost effective way of advertising your business. Vehicle graphics are often high quality and reasonably priced, ensuring maximum exposure and a great advertising opportunity. In fact, research has found that your business vehicle may be seen up to 2000 times per hour as you drive around your local area. If you think of the amount of time a week you spend in your vehicle and calculate how many people potentially see it, vehicle livery is an amazing opportunity to get your name out there … Read more
  • Snap Off Blades Are Sheffield’s Finest
    Quality should always take priority, no matter what the work is that you are carrying out. The team at Knife-Point understands this and are a big part of the reason that they are continuing to be the leading supplier of excellent snap off blades and other knife products in Sheffield. Lightly oiled and supplied in protective plastic tubes; the snap off blades at Knife-Point are prepared in a way that makes them perfect for carrying out only the best work once you receive them. Their blades are also useful throughout a whole range of varying industries. Flooring, roofing and carpet … Read more
  • Woodworking Perfection with 82mm Planer Blades
    Woodworking Perfection with 82mm Planer Blades It is widely known that woodworking planer blades a predominantly used to flatten the surface of a piece of timber. This in turn reduces the thickness of the wood itself; with the main use of the technique being to produce horizontal, inclined or vertical surfaces that are both flat and smooth. For thousands of years, hand planers have been heavily used within the woodworking industry; and have evolved over time to be the useful tools they are in the present day. Background in Europe and Asia has ensured that the best elements of woodworking … Read more
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Planer Blades
    Getting the Most Out of Your Planer Blades It is extremely important that tools such as 82mm planer blades are kept sharp; as if they are not it will result in shoddy workmanship. The result for taking care of maintenance issues can only be positive; and will help you achieve the best possible end product result. It will also showcase your knowledge of issues surrounding in quality control and help you impress in the process. Typically; planer blades are tools which are extremely resistant to heavy duty work – but it is essential that they are properly maintained for this … Read more
  • Effective Designs for Projecting Outdoor Shop Signs Sheffield
    As experienced shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio are able to design and manufacture a variety of projecting outdoor shop signs Sheffield, including fixed projecting signs, hanging projecting signs and illuminated projecting signs. This projecting shop sign for a hairdresser in Sheffield called Halo is a good example of the impact that the illumination of a sign can make. This particular sign projects from the wall seamlessly, with the bracket carefully hidden to create a modern effect. LED lights have been placed inside the PVC box, creating an impressive glow that really makes an impression. The effect of … Read more
  • Great Shop Signs Sheffield Could Save the High Street
    As experienced sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio likes to keep on top of the latest news regarding the high street and the future of high street shopping. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph claims that life is returning to Britain’s high streets due to new planning rules that make it easier to convert empty shops into homes. The paper reports that having more homes near and even in the high street help to develop a buzz in the area, and also provide a readymade consumer market right there on the doorstep. Great news! As you may well … Read more
  • Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Help Design and Architecture Students Excel
    With the pressure of student life a constant for students; it is essential to take every measure possible to make life easier. Tight deadlines, late nights and spells of isolated work are harsh realities for many students; particularly those taking courses that revolve around design. For them; achieving the highest standards of accuracy in their work will be the difference between success and failure on their courses. If you are one of those people; you can ensure that you are taking this seriously by choosing Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades as your go-to cutting tools. Taking such a decision … Read more
  • Hobby Craft Made Easy With Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades
    In the working world; accuracy can never be overstated. For trades such as craft, this is even more relevant; with few things worse than wasting your time on a project that goes to waste because of the use of poor cutting tools. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades will ensure complete precision when carrying out your hobby craft tasks. Keeping your blades sharp and fine is absolutely vital in industries that include the production of card making, model making and artwork. Anything other than the best knife tools will result in the creation of a product that is severely lacking … Read more
  • LED Illuminated Shop Sign for Sports Bar in Sheffield
    We manufactured two signs for this Sheffield sports bar, which both featured LED lighting. As the majority of the bar’s business would be generated in the evening, having an illuminated sign was a must to attract potential customers and make sure that the signage could be clearly seen from the road by passersby. As experienced shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio has manufactured a number of retail and commercial signs for a variety of businesses throughout the area. This particular sign was manufactured for ‘Players Lounge’ sports bar and function suite in Sheffield. More info on our shop … Read more
  • Illuminated Shop Sign with Perspex Letters for Whitehornes Estate Agents
    As professional shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio has designed and manufactured shop signs for a variety of businesses all over the city. We recently manufactured the signage for a Sheffield based independent estates agent called Whitehornes, who have recently acquired a new premises at Banner Cross. Digitally Printed Banner for Outdoor Use We were asked to produce a digitally printed banner which has been hung vertically above the shop sign. All the banners we provide come finished with quality hems and eyelets so that they can be hung from buildings and ceilings, and can be securely attached to fences … Read more
  • Swann Morton Knife Providers Keep Sharp Eye on Bear Grylls Comments
    Bear Grylls – the Chief Scout of the Scouting Association – and the man behind hit reality TV show ‘The Island’; has suggested the children should be encouraged to use knives from a young age. His suggestion has caused widespread controversy; as he told the Radio Times that kids need to learn “how to embrace and manage risk”; and that parents should assume more responsibility in the educating of these matters. Grylls has enjoyed previous success through his global TV phenomenon ‘Bear Grylls: Born Survivor’ – a show which pits him against the most daunting environments the world has to … Read more
  • Theft of WW1 Memorabilia Interests Manufacturers of Trimming Knife Blades
    At Knife-Point; news related to the manufacture of knives is always of interest to us. With 30 years of industry experience – and historical roots within the production of knives spanning decades – we are always amazed to see some of the stories that crop up surrounding knife production. In this vein; it recently came to our attention that a historical WW1 memorabilia knife was stolen from a Canvey museum; in Western Esplanade. The incident occurred on the morning of 5th May – the last day of the most recent bank holiday. The item concerned is a trench dagger – … Read more
  • Sheffield Metal Company Furnish Office Block with Brushed Stainless Steel Sign
    Sheffield sign shop, Image Sign Studio, recently had the pleasure of manufacturing the sign for R.S. Bruce Metals, whose head quarters are in Sheffield. The Bruce Group encompasses R.S Bruce Metals and Machinery, who pride themselves on playing a key role in the innovation of the techniques used for the removal and recovery of oxidised Platinum Group Metals, from components within working nitric acid plants. The office sign was manufactured for a previously derelict building that R.S. Bruce decided to redevelop into an office block for their staff. Because of the condition of the building and the standard to which … Read more
  • Brand New Insurance Comparison Site – Save Money without Meerkats or Opera Singers!
    Comparing insurance prices online has become the norm. It’s definitely a sensible thing to do when deciding on an insurance policy, as you can easily see all of your options and pick the one that suits you best. But it’s not just the decision of which insurance company to go with anymore, there are now a variety of insurance comparison sites to choose from too. Funnily enough, there is even a website that offers to compare the insurance comparison sites for you! Compare Insurance Quotes Online with Just 4 Compare Online insurance comparison site Just 4 Compare is the latest … Read more
  • WIN-WYN Networking South Leeds 1st April
    Lunch Time Networking 1st April 12:30-2:30 Although this event will be held on 1st April this will be no April Fool! We are over the moon that we will be running our events in partnership with the Hunslet Hawks at the South Leeds Stadium, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5DJ As an introductury offer for this event on 1st April we will be offering a 50% discount on our normal booking fee of £10. So it will cost only £5 for this occasion and there will be a light buffet included. All our events avoid the hard sell and focus on … Read more
  • Sheffex – Sheffield’s business expo and networking event, Ponds Forge International, Sheffield – 2 June 2014
    Over a thousand companies have been invited to see over a hundred trade stands at Sheffex. It’s going to be Sheffield’s biggest and brightest trade show, attracting visitors from all around the region. Entry is FREE for all pre-registered visitors who apply online at Event date: 2 June 2014 Event start time: 0930 Event finish time: 1600 Event location: Ponds Forge International, Sheffield, Ponds Forge International Sheaf Street Sheffield S1 2BP Event frequency: Annual For more information contact: 01143600401
  • Business Evening Networking Meeting, Sheffield, 19 February 2014 from 18:00
    Come along to this dynamic and friendly evening network meeting for business people. Location: Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria, Sheffield, S4 7YE Day and time: Evening Meeting Wednesday 19th Feb 2014 6pm – 8pm Booking: Click this link to visit the Eventbrite site for tickets About: We had a great attendance to our last meeting and the room had a great buzz. This time we are expecting the meeting to be even better with a number of guests already booked on. Our meetings are relaxed yet proffessional and benefit every one who attends by connecting them with their desired customer or … Read more
  • Network North Networking, The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am, Thursday 11th February
    Network North Doncaster Invitation We are a group of local business people meeting weekly over breakfast. The sole purpose is to pick up new contacts, introductions and new business which we can all do with these days. We follow a structured yet relaxed agenda designed to drive referrals to our members/visitors, it’s certainly one of the most cost effective methods of developing your business and Network North is one of the most effective organisations in the networking field. Location:   The Garden Room, 4 High Street, Braithwell, Rotherham, S66 7AL Time and date:  Tuesday 11th February, 7:15am – 9am Cost: The cost to attend is just … Read more
  • Chamber City Region Networking Breakfast, 18 Feb 2014, Tankersley Manor, Barnsley
    Date: 18 Feb 2014 – Time: 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Membership of the Chamber is all about helping your business to grow and what better way to meet new businesses and make new contacts than at the City Region Networking Breakfast? The Bi-Monthly events will take place on the third Tuesday of the month and will be held at Tankersley Manor Hotel. We are giving you the opportunity to do business, make new contacts and grow your network, all before your working day starts! There will also be a Business Card Draw offering some attendees the opportunity to promote their company by … Read more
  • Women’s WIN-WYN Networking 30th January 2014
    Starting at 10:30am-12:30pm this event will be held at The Holiday Inn, Warmsworth, Doncaster -DN4 9UX.  It cost£6 and includesTea/Coffee.  To book click HERE! Rebecca Boulton of Simply Nutrition is our “Info Spotter” for this event. Rebecca will be presenting: “Simple ways to manage your stress levels and focus on making your business a success through dietary and lifestyle changes.” Good nutrition can help boost your energy levels, improve sleep patterns and give you the focus you need to make your business a success. However, fatigue and loss of energy can be exacerbated by irregular eating patterns and lack of … Read more
  • WIN-WYN Networking 14th January 2014, Holiday Inn Doncaster, 17:30 – 19:30
    Our first networking event for 2014 is on 14th January 17:30-19:30 and will be held at The Holiday Inn, Warmsworth, Doncaster, DN4 9UX. It costs £10 to attend and includes a light buffet. As we would like to encourage new businesses into the world of B2B networking, we have a 2 for £15 offer when you introduce someone who is new to networking. So please get in touch and we will send you details of how to book online. Wendy Gore of Wendy’s Coaching and Consultancy is our “Info Spotter” for this event . Wendy will be talking about: “The … Read more
  • Network North Networking, Thursdays at The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am
    Could you do with some extra Business? Could you do with some new Contacts? Could you do with a proven marketing plan that works? If your answers to the above are yes, a Network North Business to Business group could take the pain out of sorting the above for you. We have successful groups meeting all over the North East and Yorkshire, the groups meet weekly over breakfast finishing at 9.00am leaving the rest of your day free. The groups are made up of local like-minded business people all looking to expand and develop their businesses. As a structured networking … Read more
  • Napoleons, Sheffield, Reveal Exciting New Networking Format
    Napoleons Casino & Restaurant on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield are excited to announce a brand new networking format & concept for 2014 & local networking groups are invited to shake things up and try out the new format. Throughout the year Napoleons will offer exclusive use of the mezzanine floor in the restaurant, a complimentary drink, buffet and £5 chip each for just £15pp. In addition to this, groups are invited to coordinate their evening with the monthly games nights which take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month and give you the opportunity to play & enjoy the casino … Read more
  • Inspiring Entrepreneurs: In the Den with the Dragons, Sheffield Town Hall – 19 November 2013
    To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013, we are bringing together a panel of formidable Dragons from the very first series to the latest. This special event will give you the chance to learn from our no-nonsense experts about what makes a winning pitch and how to scale up your business. Find out how they’ve all risen from start-ups to stars in the business world and how you can apply their tried and tested techniques to your own business. The panel discussion will be streamed live from the British Library in London, after you’ve heard from local entrepreneur James Boardwell from … Read more
  • Network North Rotherham, Thursday 14th November, 7.15am – 9.00am
    We are a bunch of local businesses that meet weekly every Thursday to swap business referrals and new contacts, by meeting weekly we have learnt a lot about each other’s businesses in as much, what we are looking for and what an ideal client means to us. We are a small group that only has one of each business type allowed to join but we are a group of prolific networkers with lots of contacts to share with new members. Why not have a visit next Thursday and see if Network North is a fit for you and your business, … Read more
  • Clifton Cloud Networking, The Square Club – 14th Novembers 2013, Bristol
    Based around speed networking, informative talks and drinks, Clifton Cloud aims to promote and develop Bristol’s dynamic and creative businesses. Our event attracts companies, start-ups and individuals with an eclectic mix of interests. It’s all about collaborating, sharing and developing.passions; from media and advertising to fashion and charities. We bring together people that have something to offer each other in order to foster exciting professional relationships in a relaxed atmosphere. Our next event will focus on start-ups and feature speakers covering a range of topics from the inspirational to practical advice on funding and the power of social media. Times … Read more