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Virtual Tour Questions Answered

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly sought after as effective marketing material. With the realization of their online value for potential customers, many businesses are now investing in virtual tours. With the sudden growth comes misunderstandings and uncertainties about what you can expect from a virtual tour company. As an experienced and highly regarded virtual tour company operating in the Sheffield, Derbyshire and Peak District areas we wanted to help customers get the most from their virtual tours, so below are 4 questions to ask your virtual tour company before hiring.

1) What equipment will you use for the virtual tour?

It’s important to ensure the company you choose is experienced, there are a lot of amateurs jumping into the business and if you don’t use the right equipment you won’t get the high definition that is needed for a virtual tour. Ideally, a DSLR camera should be used in order to get the image quality that’s necessary. A gimmicky camera will not produce the same level of quality and will not impress your potential clients so make sure the virtual tour company is using high quality and professional equipment.

2) Can I see some of your previous virtual tours?

Find out how many virtual tours the company has done before and take a look at their previous work. You can often find some examples of the companies work on their website so it is definitely worth taking a look. You can get an idea of how experienced the company is and by reviewing some of their work you can know the standard of the tours they offer. Pay attention to detail as if you were reviewing your own business’s virtual tour.

Not sure what to look for in their tour examples? Below are some top tips:

  • Lighting is very important for photos and this remains true for virtual tours. The lighting needs to be right otherwise you miss important details or your eye is drawn elsewhere.
  • Transition between rooms. You want the transitions to be smooth, it shouldn’t be clunky or feel unnatural.
  • Are your eyes being drawn to the right features?
  • Unwanted features. Are there features in the tour that take away from the experience? e.g. bins, faces, personal information etc.

3) Which rooms will be photographed?

It is important to ask this so you can be clear on what will be included in the tour. This is an important question as sometimes photographers pick and choose which rooms to include, this can be for good reason and produce an effective end product but if the photographer isn’t experienced it could just be them trying to simplify the project.

4) Should the business be empty for the tour?

The virtual tour company will be able to offer suggestions on whether staff or clients should be around for the virtual tour. More often than not, the virtual tour is more effective when there are no people so the focus can be on what your business has to offer customers.  There can be occasions where there are benefits to having people around so it’s definitely something to discuss with the photographer.

If you’re looking for a virtual tour Sheffield, Derbyshire or Peak District then 360 Virtual View will be able to help. Experience is key to producing seamless virtual tours, if you’d like to see our previous work, get in touch by calling 0114 383 0711 or via

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Stand out with a virtual tour from 360 Virtual View

With so much marketing and promotion now happening online, businesses are looking for new ways to catch customers eyes and stand out from the competition. This is where the innovative virtual tour comes in, by bringing the best aspects of your business to the spotlight you can grab customers attention and increase sales with ease. Read on to discover what a virtual tour 360 actually is and the benefits for your business. If you are in need of a virtual tour company and you are based around the Sheffield, Derbyshire and Peak District areas contact, 360 Virtual View for more information today.

Taking a closer look

A virtual tour is basically a simulation of a location created using photography, 360 panoramas with the photographs carefully stitched together and narration, sound effects or text added in. This allows potential customers to see and experience your location before actually going there, giving them a sense of the location. The customer can explore the location as they’d like by clicking or dragging on the screen. This interactive take can benefit a range of locations from restaurants and hotels to estate agents to theatres. Hospitals have even used them to make kids feel less nervous about visiting the children’s ward. The goal of an interactive tour is to create a realistic representation of the establishment to truly immerse the customer in the experience.

Benefits of getting a virtual tour

Increase Exposure

An interactive tour catches people’s attention, it generates interest and impresses potential customers. The virtual tour will bring more traffic to your website and your establishment will appear on Google Street View.

Packed full of visual information

A photograph simply does not do your business justice; a 3D tour immerses the viewer and allows them to appreciate what you have to offer.

Around the clock “open house”

Once your virtual tour has been created it will go online and can work its magic whenever someone goes on your website. It is a revolutionary marketing tool that is available for your potential customers 24/7.

Cost effective

By having this feature you are likely to increase sales as the more information you offer, the more confident the customer will be in your product. A virtual tour 360 is a cost-effective way to increase traffic to your website, increase sales and help grow your business.

Interactive and engaging

A potential customer will spend more time on your website if you offer a virtual tour. It separates your business from the competition and brings a unique interaction between your business and your customer.

Why use a virtual tour company?

On first glance, you may think you’ll be able to create your own virtual reality tour without going through a company but this is a very difficult thing to achieve. A virtual tour 360 requires professional photography, editing and mapping in order to work effectively. A virtual tour company will often use specialist cameras and software to create the finished tours you see. In fact, if you work with Sheffield virtual tour provider, 360 Virtual View, your tours will be made with 4K photography meaning they will be of the highest quality.

Get in touch with 360 Virtual View today on 0114 383 0711 or via the website to get started with your virtual tour

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Why get a virtual tour for your business

Not everyone is sold on creating a virtual tour for their business but the below reasons will show you why they are definitely worth your time. 360 Virtual View are a professional virtual tour company operating in and around Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Peak District and they’ve helped many businesses showcase their properties, businesses  and showrooms using virtual tours. Don’t shy away from this technology as it can provide you with so many benefits.

Increase the likelihood of receiving bookings

A virtual tour allows potential customers to get a more accurate feel for what you have on offer, increasing their confidence in you and your product and making it more likely for them to visit. Google shows that businesses who have a virtual tour on Google My Business experience an average increase of 85% in on-line bookings so by helping your customers get to know you better from the comfort of their homes definitely boosts your bookings.

Increase interactions with potential customers

It can be difficult to engage with new customers and attract people to your business using social media and on-line tools. This is where a virtual tour comes in. Virtual tours offer an excellent, natural solution as they provide an engaging post that can be accessed by anyone and at any-time. A virtual tour generates more interest and once it’s been created and posted on-line you don’t have to do anything else but sit back while potential customers enjoy the opportunity and experience of touring your business before actually visiting.

Showcase your business around the clock on-line

As mentioned above, once your virtual tour is posted it is available to potential customers at their convenience. This means even when you’re closed for the day your virtual tour can still be accessed and viewed 24/7. This increased exposure helps your business sell more and gain more customers.

Reach more customers with little effort

Having a virtual tour available is a natural draw for people, you’ll experience an increase in the number of customers visiting your site as well as your store. A virtual tour is an interactive experience and people will like, comment and share encouraging others to take a look too. Your customer reach will naturally increase and people will find the virtual tour a more personal and inviting touch.

Give your business a competitive edge

By having a 360 virtual tour you can get your business displayed on Google Street View allowing potential customers to find your location and take a look around your business before actually visiting. Many people take a look at nearby businesses using Google Street View so there is no doubt this will give you a competitive edge and will generate more custom.

Find out more

360 Virtual View is a professional virtual tour company, working around Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Peak District. If you’re looking for a Sheffield virtual tour or would like to find out more about our stunning virtual tours then do not hesitate to contact us. 360 Virtual View offer a range of services suitable for all business types. Call us today on 0114 383 0711
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3D Virtual Tours, 360-Degree Photography, and VR Experiences for your business

Virtual tours are an amazing asset to many businesses and organisations including:

  • tourist attractions
  • stately homes
  • estate agents
  • letting agents
  • renters
  • cultural spaces
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • and more!

However, in the current economic climate, getting the competitive advantage over your competitors is vital.

Below are 4 Ways a Virtual Tour Can Benefit Your Business

Press ‘play’ then press the ‘view in full screen’ link

A virtual tour is an immersive & interactive experience that allows on-line visitors to see inside your property without taking a single step outside of their home. Your potential customers can see inside your business in a virtual reality environment giving them a detailed look at the quality of your establishment and increasing the likelihood they will visit – it really is the next best thing to actually being there!

Here are 4 ways a virtual tour can benefit your business:

Generate more interest & excitement

Your potential customers get a glimpse into your business, it’s a new level of interaction that shows impressive effectiveness. The majority of people check out a business on-line before deciding whether or not to visit in person – you do it, I do it, almost all of us do it so let’s benefit from it!

Traditional photographs make it very difficult to see the real size and appearance of your property, it can appear very underwhelming even when your establishment is spectacular. That’s where the virtual tour comes in – people get to feel as though they’ve been in and seen how great it is for themselves before actually committing to physically going. A recent Google study found customers are considerably more likely to book a reservation if they see a virtual tour of the place first. This increased online activity and engagement generates more interest and brings more footfall traffic to your business.

Get the edge over your competitors

For some potential customers, a virtual tour is the deciding factor when choosing between competing businesses. People enjoy the experience of taking a virtual tour, it keeps them on your website for a lot longer than usual (an average of 40% longer), increases interactions as the customer will be clicking through products and photos on your site and it gives your potential customer the confidence to decide which business to choose. You can also incorporate your tour into your website, social media platforms and Google Business View too so you are likely to experience increased online traffic which will help to organically boost your Google rankings.

Increases business revenue

A virtual tour can increase your business revenue in multiple ways, the best thing about it is once it’s online you don’t have to think about it again. Time after time new customers will take your virtual tour, so while you focus on other things:

  • Your website will be viewed more frequently
  • Visitors will spend more time browsing your site
  • Your business is available to ‘see’ 24/7
  • Increased sales in less time
  • Potential customers are well informed on your services & more confident in decision making

Businesses in every industry are realizing the untapped potential that a virtual tour brings. Whether you have a beautiful stately home or a bustling restaurant the modern, dynamic visuals of a virtual tour could be your answer for increased interaction, interest and sales.

Get your business on Google Street View

Ever wondered how those other businesses get on Google Street View? Now you know! With every virtual tour that 360 Virtual View provide, and as a Google partner, 360 Virtual View can also put you onto Google Street view. Here’s how that will benefit you:

  • Trust – build trust with your potential customers by putting a ‘face’ to your business name. These days, anyone can go on the internet and say virtually ‘anything’ they want so adding a virtual tour to Street View will demonstrate you are who you say you are
  • Influence the research – according to Forbes, retailers state that 82% of new customers research online before visiting a physical premises. By allowing these potential customers to see inside before they decide, you’re influencing their decision – not to mention helping them to pre-qualify themselves first saving everyone time!
  • Humanise to connect – humanising your business puts a ‘human’ face to your name, showing your potential customers something they ‘recognise’ which will allow them to relate to you in advance. A virtual tour is a great way to do this!
  • Help customers make informed decisions – customers have a lot of questions before they visit – for example about parking or what the area looks like – so you’ll be helping them find the answers they need
  • Passive marketing – help your customers come and find you.
  • convenience – Google’s Street View works on any platform, even on the go, so your potential customers can find you and ‘check you out’ when it’s convenient for them, whether that’s at the bus stop, in bed, on holiday, or even over a cup of tea in the morning before work

However, timing is important!

There are many factors influencing your virtual tour so get in touch today to find out more and get prices. Call 360 Virtual View today on 0114 383 0711 or email