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All about 3D mapping, 3D modelling & 3D scanning

3D mapping for architects, construction, and engineering involves creating digital representations of physical spaces and structures to aid in design, planning, analysis, and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

The following example was created by 360 Virtual View (based in Sheffield, UK) and included full internal and external scanning & mapping:

The example above generated the following files

  • .E57 file
  • TruPlan (.SKX file) for Xactimate
  • BIM file (LOD 200 building information model in .RVT and .DWG format)
  • .IFC (platform neutral) & .RCS (ReCap point cloud) files
  • GeoTIFF map
  • JPG map
  • External and internal point cloud
  • Elevation
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • 3D model
  • Ceiling colour plan
  • Colour plan
  • .OBJ & .MTL files
  • .YYZ Cloud file
  • Edge annotations (External)
  • Film (4kHD) and photographic roof survey
  • Full HDR virtual tour – accessible via desktop, mobile and VR (Oculus VR)
  • Interactive internal 3D model
  • HDR images & internal 3D views
  • Schematic floor plan

3D mapping, 3D modelling and 3D scanning for architecture, construction, and engineering

3D mapping, also known as 3D modelling or 3D scanning, plays a significant role in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. It involves creating three-dimensional representations of physical objects or spaces using various technologies and techniques. Here’s how 3D mapping is used in these industries:

  1. Architectural Design:
    • Conceptual Design: Architects use 3D mapping to create digital models of their design concepts. This allows them to visualize and communicate their ideas effectively to clients and stakeholders.
    • Site Analysis: 3D mapping can be used to create accurate topographical maps and terrain models of a construction site. This information helps architects plan for issues such as grading and drainage.
    • Interior Design: Interior architects use 3D mapping to create virtual representations of indoor spaces, helping clients and designers make informed decisions about layouts, furniture placement, and aesthetics.
    • Lighting Simulation: 3D mapping can simulate how natural and artificial light will interact with a building’s design, aiding in the design of energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces.
  2. Construction:
    • Site Preparation: Before construction begins, 3D mapping can help contractors assess the site’s existing conditions and plan for excavation, earthmoving, and foundation work.
    • Construction Planning: Contractors use 3D models to plan the sequencing of construction activities, optimize resource allocation, and identify potential clashes or conflicts in design elements.
    • Quality Control: 3D mapping allows for precise measurements and comparisons between the as-built conditions and the original design, helping ensure quality control during construction.
    • Safety: 3D mapping can be used to plan and visualize safety protocols, evacuation routes, and crane operations to enhance on-site safety.
  3. Engineering:
    • Civil Engineering: 3D mapping is crucial in civil engineering for tasks like surveying, creating digital terrain models, and designing infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and dams.
    • Structural Engineering: Engineers use 3D models to analyze and simulate the behavior of structures under different loads, helping ensure structural integrity and safety.
    • Mechanical Engineering: In industries like manufacturing, 3D mapping is used to create digital twins of mechanical systems, aiding in design, testing, and maintenance.
    • Environmental Engineering: 3D mapping can be used to model environmental conditions and simulate the impact of engineering projects on the environment.
  4. Project Visualization and Communication:
    • 3D mapping enhances communication among architects, engineers, contractors, and clients by providing a clear and immersive visual representation of the project.
    • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies allow stakeholders to experience the project in a more immersive and interactive way.

3D mapping is a powerful tool that improves design accuracy, streamlines construction processes, enhances safety, and facilitates collaboration in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. It has become increasingly essential as technology continues to advance in these industries.

Contact 360 Virtual View for more information on 3D mapping, 3D modelling and 3D scanning for architecture, construction, and engineering


Call: 0114 236 0711

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Musical toys for the little performer

Established in 1981, today Plan Toys has branched out to Asia, America, Europe, and Australia – bringing optimism, creativity, and a passion for sustainability to communities all over the world. By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, their wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development. The following toys are perfect for kids with a flair for music.

Plan Toys online
Plan Toys online

Solid Drum

March to the beat of your own drum and create rhythms with this drum set complete with a drumstick, helping develop children’s spatial perception and motor skills, as well as improving hand eye coordination. The drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound.


Let your kids explore creative expression through musical play with the Kazoo! This item is a simple musical instrument that produces a funny buzzing sound when the player speaks or sings into the mouthpiece. Try making all different types of vibrations when blowing into the kazoo to produce new sounds.


Let your little ones learn how to express themselves through the magical sounds of the Concertina. As it is squeezed in and out, different notes and pitches play. This toy supports fine motor skill development and improves hand-eye coordination through realistic pretend play

Oval Xylophone

This wooden xylophone features five colourful panels that play musical tones when struck with the mallet. The base has sturdy construction with handle on the end allowing for easy grasping


Using an alternating up and down motion with both hands, the toy’s colourful segments will create various click-clack sounds. Helps improve your child’s fine motor skills while encouraging creative expression.

Rhythm Box

Get your kiddo’s creative music vibes going with this Rhythm Box designed for having fun, and creating rhythm and tempo. The product supports emotional and creative expression while also supporting fine motor skill development

Musical Band

Prepare your little one ready to take centre stage with this Musical Band including 2 differently-sized drums, a pair of drumsticks, a cymbal and a guiro. The set stands over 13 inches tall and is perfect for an active toddler. Additionally, the drumheads are made from fabric coated with natural rubber, making for a gentle yet realistic musical experience.


Explore the musical magic of string instruments and inspire your child’s musical creativity with the strum of this simple banjo with replaceable strings. Product supports fine motor skill development and improves hand-eye coordination through realistic pretend play.

Where to buy Plan Toys online

Visit the Toy Box, Ironbridge website to see more and buy Plan Toys online

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Brand New Insurance Comparison Site – Save Money without Meerkats or Opera Singers!

Comparing insurance prices online has become the norm. It’s definitely a sensible thing to do when deciding on an insurance policy, as you can easily see all of your options and pick the one that suits you best.

But it’s not just the decision of which insurance company to go with anymore, there are now a variety of insurance comparison sites to choose from too. Funnily enough, there is even a website that offers to compare the insurance comparison sites for you!

Compare Insurance Quotes Online with Just 4 Compare

online insurance comparison site

Online insurance comparison site Just 4 Compare is the latest to provide a search service for people hoping to save money on their insurance.

As well as the usual car insurance and home insurance comparison facilities, the site also provides a comparison service for pet insurance and a variety of business insurance comparison options. These include a comparison service for shop insurance and a tradesman insurance comparison service too.

Just 4 Compare uses a system called Quotezone to compare insurance quotes for you. Recent research shows that by using Just 4 Compare to compare car insurance quotes online could save you as much as £442.74. It’s a nice looking site with a clean layout and not a Meerkat or opera singer in site!

If you are looking for a cheaper deal on your insurance, why not try out the Just 4 Compare website?