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Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Help Design and Architecture Students Excel

With the pressure of student life a constant for students; it is essential to take every measure possible to make life easier. Tight deadlines, late nights and spells of isolated work are harsh realities for many students; particularly those taking courses that revolve around design. For them; achieving the highest standards of accuracy in their work will be the difference between success and failure on their courses.

If you are one of those people; you can ensure that you are taking this seriously by choosing Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades as your go-to cutting tools. Taking such a decision will pay dividends; across a number of different scenarios. One such example would be an architecture student making a scale model to visualize an idea. The subsequent quality of that model will only be as good as the cutting tools that you use to make it.

Understanding this; and taking the appropriate measures discussed; will ensure that you are showing an understanding of the importance of quality control in design. In the process, you will be giving yourself the best possible opportunity to achieve good grades.

Extremely Rewarding

Wasted time having to remanufacture models because they haven’t been cut accurately can be extremely demoralizing. Achieving precision first time is endlessly satisfying; and understanding that you can do this through purchasing the best cutting tools is invaluable.

If you are one of those students; showing that you are able to work to only the highest levels of accuracy – right from the initial stages of creation – could be the key contributing factor towards your idea’s success.

By taking ownership of the importance of attention to detail; you are also making your own life easier in the process. When dealing with the pressures of university life; taking such measures can be extremely rewarding.

Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Helping to Achieve Excellence

Having taken the time to research and understand the importance of accuracy; you need to do the same thing when deciding on the tools that you should use in your work. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are guaranteed to help you achieve the quality that you require. With many years of experience, it is easy to understand why they have been such successful suppliers for so long.

Blades from both of these established producers can ensure that the level of your work is only of the highest standard – helping to ensure good grades in the process! Consistency and quality of finish are two qualities that will shine through in the components that make up your product.

Established Providers

Both of these established manufacturer’s blades can be bought in an array of different quantities; directly from us here at Knife-Point. We are vastly experienced knife providers; with extensive knowledge of both the supply and production of a whole host of blades.

We understand the importance that needs to be placed on meeting the individual needs of each and every customer. We can always ensure that you get your hands on the knife products that will allow you to achieve the greatest success in the tasks you are carrying out – whatever they may be.

Our passion and dedication shines through in every customer transaction that we enter in to; and our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are able to provide you with any number of products that will allow you to carry out high quality work.




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Swann Morton Knife Providers Keep Sharp Eye on Bear Grylls Comments

Bear Grylls – the Chief Scout of the Scouting Association – and the man behind hit reality TV show ‘The Island’; has suggested the children should be encouraged to use knives from a young age. His suggestion has caused widespread controversy; as he told the Radio Times that kids need to learn “how to embrace and manage risk”; and that parents should assume more responsibility in the educating of these matters.

Grylls has enjoyed previous success through his global TV phenomenon ‘Bear Grylls: Born Survivor’ – a show which pits him against the most daunting environments the world has to offer; in order for him to teach viewers about how to manage survival situations. The stir his latest interview caused, resulted in the national press – including The Telegraph and The Independent – picking up the story.

Appropriate Constraints for Knives

His popularity throughout this country and beyond ensures that any comments he does choose to make will be analyzed in kind. His gung-ho style and laid back attitude have been part of the reason he has been such a success story; but his latest comments could have landed him in hot water.

One of the standout quotes from those latest comments included Grylls suggestion that handling a knife as a child could be ‘empowering’; if done under the appropriate constraints: “Sometimes in life we get cut,” he was quoted as saying. “My six-year-old recently cut himself on a knife, and came in with blood pouring everywhere, but, you know what? He’s not cut himself again. He learned how to handle a knife.”

This has been considered by a lot of the media to be an insensitive view on the issue of allowing children to possess knives. Grylls has also said, however, that it is essential that knives are treated with the utmost respect and that children are taught how to use them properly: “When I say to budding adventurers, ‘Listen – a blunt penknife is a dangerous knife. Make sure it’s really sharp’ – the kids’ faces light up. Like all kids, they want a mega-sharp penknife – great, but teach them to respect it and use it properly,” he said.

Branded Knives From Swann Morton

The topic is certainly up for debate; but we at Knife Point are glad to simply stick to delivering the best possible knives for both new and existing customers. As a company; we deliver both our own specifically-tailored knife blades; and also branded knives from established industry businesses such as Swann Morton.

The key is our experience. We have been leaders of knife production in the industry for decades; and we work tirelessly to deliver only the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We achieve this through the application of our time and dedication; ensuring that customers come to us for their knife needs time and time again.

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Theft of WW1 Memorabilia Interests Manufacturers of Trimming Knife Blades

At Knife-Point; news related to the manufacture of knives is always of interest to us. With 30 years of industry experience – and historical roots within the production of knives spanning decades – we are always amazed to see some of the stories that crop up surrounding knife production.

In this vein; it recently came to our attention that a historical WW1 memorabilia knife was stolen from a Canvey museum; in Western Esplanade. The incident occurred on the morning of 5th May – the last day of the most recent bank holiday. The item concerned is a trench dagger – or trench knife – and was taken from one of the museum’s display cases.

Knife Production in the Past

The knife is a fantastic example of past knife production; with such different constraints placed on the manufacture of it than ones that would be applied to present day products. Some characteristics of the ideals that went into producing it will remain true to this day though. Hard work and dedication to the craft – something that we at Knife-Point understand – are things that should always be applied within any walk of product design. They are the key essentials that enable us to deliver the high quality of products – such as our trimming knife blades – to our customers.

When you consider these aspects of knife manufacture; you can understand why the memorabilia knife that has been stolen is considered so valuable. A museum volunteer – Allan Reed – was quick to play up the significance of the incident; whilst PC Lisa-Ann Gore, of Essex police – told The Enquirer: “The museum would like to get the piece back as it is very important to them. It is also a weapon and we would like to get it back in safe hands. I would urge anyone with any information to contact me as soon as possible.”

Trimming Knife Blades

Such information may come from someone who has found themselves in a situation where the knife may have been offered as a sale; or alternatively, somebody who may have any information within relation to the theft. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

At Knife-Point, we have a number of USP’s; including: our high quality products, excellent service, rapid deliveries and competitive pricing. We want to keep new customers for the long-term; as we become your go to business for knives – including our trimming knife blades. Anyone can visit our website at ; to view an extensive range of Knife Point products.



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Napoleons, Sheffield, Reveal Exciting New Networking Format


Napoleons Casino & Restaurant on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield are excited to announce a brand new networking format & concept for 2014 & local networking groups are invited to shake things up and try out the new format.

Throughout the year Napoleons will offer exclusive use of the mezzanine floor in the restaurant, a complimentary drink, buffet and £5 chip each for just £15pp. In addition to this, groups are invited to coordinate their evening with the monthly games nights which take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month and give you the opportunity to play & enjoy the casino games free of charge, racking up scores against each other and winning cash prizes!

During the free to play games tournament, every guest gets 10 minutes on Roulette, Blackjack & Punto Banco and the highest scorer from each game wins £50 cash. This gives everyone the chance to try the games first before using the£5 chip & playing the games for real.

Events like this have proven to be very successful with groups in the past and the invitation is now being extended out. The format is different to any other social networking event and gives everyone the chance to get to know each other in a fun way.

If you haven’t been before check out  or for more information.

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Leave Your Competitors in the Dust with Sheffield Copywriter ‘Content Writer Extraordinaire’

Make your business stand out from the crowd with the highest quality written copy (SEO copywriting, blog articles, email newsletters, press releases, website content, proofreading and editing)
Make your business stand out from the crowd with the highest quality written copy (SEO copywriting, blog articles, email newsletters, press releases, website content, proofreading and editing)

With so much content out there on the internet today, it’s more important than ever that your website or blog has compelling, well written copy to ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Sheffield based copywriter Ellie Storey, otherwise known as Content Writer Extraordinaire, produces high quality marketing, advertising and sales copy for businesses. With a background in journalism, Ellie writes everything from website content, blogs, newsletters and articles, to SEO optimised articles, promotional writing and sales copy.

Ellie works with a range of businesses, producing quality copy aimed at developing their online and offline presence. Working on an as required basis, customers give Ellie a brief and she provides them with the copy they need. She can simply email the text over to the customer, or even publish directly to a blog or website on behalf of the client, once the content has been approved.

Content Writer Extraordinaire provides the full range of the highest quality writing services for business including blog posts, articles, website content, SEO copy, proof reading and editing

“Many businesses start blogs with the intention of updating them on a regular basis,” says Ellie. “But the reality is, after a few weeks, updating it falls to the bottom of the to-do list as other commitments within the business take priority. By outsourcing their content writing to me, I can provide them with quality articles for their blog or news page so that they can get on with everything else they need to do within the business.

All it takes is a quick chat to agree on the topic of the article and a brief outline of what the client wants to get across, and I do the rest. Once it’s written, my client can have a read to decide that they are happy, and possibly make recommendations about anything they’d like to add or tweak. It’s a simple process for them, giving them time to run their business without the stress and commitment of knowing they have to sit down and write this week’s blog article.”

Ellie also specialises in search engine optimised copy for the web, which can have a dramatic effect on the ranking of your website or blog in the search engine results. And it’s not just blogs and websites that Ellie writes for; she frequently puts together newsletters and press releases, and also provides a proofreading and editing services.

For quality copywriting that will leave your competitors in the dust, call Ellie on 0114 383 0711, email, or visit

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Samaritans 50th Anniversary Dinner & Auction at Baldwins Omega, Sheffield – 18th September 2013

Baldwins Omega are hosting a 50th anniversary dinner and auction in Aid of Sheffield Samaritans on the 18th September, 2013

The dinner speaker will be Ian McMillan, ‘The Bard of Barnsley’ and an auction compared by Michael Dowse A E Dowse & Son


Baldwin’s Omega is accessed from Brincliffe Hill (which is off Psalter Lane) or from Chelsea Rise (off Chelsea Road, Brincliffe)

The address is Baldwin’s Omega, Brincliffe Hill, Off Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 9DF (link to Google maps)


Tickets cost £35 per person (Tables seat 10) and the dress code is smart

Doors 6.45pm, seated for the Speaker by 7:15pm, the meal is at 8pm and carriages at 10.30pm

Booking or for more information

Baldwins Omega, Sheffield

For company and corporate bookings contact  Andrew on 07918680489 or email or for personal bookings contact  Julie on 0114 2696904 or email

Entry will be by named reservation only


The Prime Yorkshire Pork Roast


Holistic and Mystic, Mind, Body, Soul Show, Kempton Park Racecourse – 15 & 16 June 2013

Holistic and Mystic
Holistic and Mystic

Holistic and Mystic, Mind, Body, Soul Show, 15th and 16th June, At Kempton Park, Sunbury, Middx TW16 5AQ – 100+ stands

At last a large Mind, Body, Soul fair that offers a huge variety of exhibitors, live performances and a full programme of talks and workshops without the need to go in to London.

Exhibitors from all around the country will gather to share their experience, wisdom and talents. Come and meet with international psychics Simon Goodfellow, Sue Hudd, Joylina Goodings Performing live on stage – Touch The Earth and many more to be announced.

Two days of inspirational talks and workshops.

Join us for an amazing weekend filled with healing and laughter.

Kempton is easily reached by public transport and even has its own train station as well as FREE parking for hundreds of cars.

Refreshments available

Adults £5, Under 16s free, concessions £4

Weekend ticket discounts – see online

Event date: 15 & 16 June 2013
Event start time: 10:00 am
Event finish time: 5:00 pm

Event location:

Kempton Park Racecourse,
Kempton Park, Sunbury, Middx TW16 5AQ

For more information contact:

01883 717069

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Nosh, Sheffield – the perfect place to hold your business network meeting or conference

Nosh Business Networking in Sheffield

Here at Nosh, Sheffield, we are the perfect place to hold your business network meeting or conference.

Nosh Sheffield, 65 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE
Nosh Sheffield, 65 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE

Nosh is coffee shop situated on Division Street, in the heart of Sheffield, we pride ourselves on producing great coffee for the best prices around whilst also offering a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for local businesses to meet and network.

There are no signup fees, no fees to hold your meeting with us and we have slots available on most days. We currently hold a local business network meeting on a Monday morning where we offer full breakfast service. And have had brilliant feedback from the members.

For further information on this, or if you would like to hold your network meeting with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further or for more information.

Email –

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Help appreciated – 5 minute survey for dissertation – “Bring Your Own Device”

Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University

A personal message from Joseph Burns

Hi, my name is Joseph Burns and I am carrying out an investigation into “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) for my dissertation.

BYOD is a service that allows employees to use their personally owned devices in the work place.

I would appreciated it if your could please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out the following survey which will form the primary research for my dissertation:

Click here for survey link

All results collected will be anonymous.

Thank you for your help.

To get in touch with Joseph Burns directly, please send your request together with your contact details through the My Networking contact page

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When opportunity knocks…

Sponsor this site from £10Here is something to think about:

  • is the fastest growing business networking site in the UK
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And here is the opportunity:

You can get your message on this site from as little as £10! Sponsor a page, get a page peel, or even have a dedicated article written about your business and published for 12 months!

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Email us with your requirements or fill in the form on the ‘sponsor this site’ page

Grab the opportunity!


List your networking events for free on My Networking

Free listing
Free listing

Did you know you can publish your upcoming networking events for free by submitting them for free through the ‘promote my event’ page?

Simply fill in the form and once approved, it will be published on-line and promoted through social media channels:

Click here to promote your event or if you prefer, you can sponsor this site at very reasonable rates

Don’t forget to bookmark this site, share the link (sharing links below) and join the mailing list (at the bottom of the page)!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions


Sheffield Hallam University Talks Program – volunteers required

Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University
Anne Norcliffe (CNE lecturer) from Sheffield Hallam University is looking for volunteers to give a presentation in person or via Skype to her Technical Computing Students. The subject will be your job, what it entails, the business you are involved in, your role and IT issues you have to address everyday.

Proposed dates and times are:

18/2/2013 – 17:00-18:00
11/03/2013 – 17:00-18:00
08/04/2013 – 17:00-18:00
22/04/2012 – 17:00-18:00

This would be a great opportunity to make new connections, meet new people, and help our the next generation of entrepreneurs!

For more information, please email Anne at (this email will forward to her)

Miscellaneous Other events

FIFA 13 gaming event at the Graduate Pub, Sheffield centre – 21st January 2013

FIFA 13 Gaming Event in Sheffield
FIFA 13 Gaming Event in Sheffield

Gaming Invasion are an innovative new company based in Sheffield who run Xbox and PC gaming events.

They’re running a small scale Fifa 13 event tonight at the Graduate Pub on Surrey Street in Sheffield. In the same way as a traditional football tournament is structured, there’ll be quarter finals, semi finals and a final with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

This event is not just for students and hardcore gamers, it’s for anyone interested in finding out more about this type of event or who is interested in giving it a go! Shaun from Gaming Invasion will be available throughout the night to answer any questions and to commentate on the event.

Tickets are £5 on the door (subject to availability) or free for spectators. This event promises to be great fun and all are welcome.

For more information see the Gaming Invasion website: or email


Massive audience increase for My Networking

My Networking is going from strength to strength and showing a massive 76% increase in site visitors this month which means it’s quickly becoming the largest independent networking resource available!

My Networking Visitor Stats
My Networking Visitor Stats

This free resource provides a platform for you to publicise your regular and upcoming networking events and find out more about the other networking events in the area.

For more more information simply join the mailing list (see bottom of screen), connect with us on LinkedIn, drop us a line or fill in the ‘promote your event’ form