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Experienced Carpet Cleaners Rotherham Help Homeowners

Pets can be a real source of joy for your household but it’s important to stay on top of the cleaning that’s required because of them. As the industry-leading carpet cleaners Rotherham, Cleanwise Carpet Care are ideally-placed to help and are heavily experienced in resolving common problems such as unpleasant odours and urine-soiled carpets.

Through the combination of 100% safe detergents and the most powerful extraction equipment, Cleanwise only ever deliver the highest levels of satisfaction to their customers.

Pet Urine Problems

It’s all about managing a problem which is almost unavoidable with pets; particularly when they’re young. Small accidents are part and parcel when it comes to keeping animals; but they can be quite easily be resolved by these Rotherham carpet cleaners. Cost-effective and highly efficient, choosing to hire them is a decision that you certainly won’t live to regret.

Patches of carpet affected by urine will also be susceptible to staining; so it’s vital that you either hire Cleanwise to deal with any marks before they get too bad; or give them the opportunity to provide their fantastic stain protection. The latter will help to reduce the effect of further related problems.

Carpet Cleaning Rotherham Odour Eradication

Attempting to eradicate any problematic areas with household products will not properly deal the issue, but help is at hand. Thanks to Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaning Rotherham; the whole process is made simple. Over time, nasty odours transmitted throughout your home will worsen; so it’s important to get them dealt with swiftly.

Cleanwise are extensively experienced when it comes to dealing with the full spectrum of lingering odour patches, however large or small. They’re also adept at pre-empting more severe cases arising. If a problem is not dealt with, pet urine can penetrate through the fibres of your carpets; contaminating the carpet backing and underlay below.

If this happens, the urine can dry without you seeing it and the liquid will evaporate. The crystals left behind will then become even more concentrated and pungent.

To fully protect you and your family from such problems, it’s well worth a chat with one of Cleanwise’s carpet cleaners in Rotherham.

Sheffield Carpet Cleaners and Rotherham Carpet Cleaners

Not only will Cleanwise deliver the best South Yorkshire carpet cleaning service, they’ll do it at a time to suit you. They cover a wide geographical area and will always look to tailor their services to your individual needs. Carpet cleaning Sheffield, Barnsley and Chesterfield are all within reach with them; as they continue to delight homeowners by restoring their properties to their former glory.

Furthermore, the quick drying times that come attached to their work mean that Cleanwise will cause minimum disruption to your day-to-day life; so choosing them is an easy call to make. Phone them today on 0114 2348875 to find out more.






Barnsley carpet cleaning Sheffield Rotherham

Carpet Cleaners Sheffield Giving Properties a Makeover

It’s very common for property owners to find that the ongoing maintenance of their home has begun to slide. When you’re busy, it can be difficult to keep up with such things as your time is spent on other things. As experts in the revitalisation of properties, Cleanwise Carpet Care are perfectly placed to help.

Their carpet cleaners in Sheffield are extensively experienced when it comes to returning carpets to their former glory. They combine the most innovative treatment processes with passion and pride to improve your quality of life with healthier carpets. There are many benefits you’ll feel as a result of the carpet cleaning that Cleanwise carry out in Sheffield:

Perfect for Impressing Visitors to Your Home

Another great benefit attached to having well-maintained carpets is that they can impress friends and family who are visiting your home. They’re a great way to make the right impression; as you can be sure that crisp and clean carpets will leave a far nicer feeling inside than dirty and odour-filled ones that clearly haven’t received any maintenance work for many years.

A Healthy Home

Just some of the many things that you can look forward to with freshly-cleaned carpets include the removal and ongoing management of mould, the eradication of nasty and potentially hazardous odours and a generally healthier home without an abundance of dust inside. After a pair of Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaners in Sheffield have cleaned the carpets at your property you’re sure to feel good mentally; whilst you’ll also feel a number of physical health benefits too.

Tackling the Grime for Your Relaxation Time

When you get some time to relax, you want to be able to feel comfortable in your surroundings; but poorly-maintained carpets can make this impossible. Living amongst mess and dirt can get you down and you’ll always be aware that they need to be revitalised. When you decide it’s time to take action and tackle the grime, Cleanwise’s Sheffield carpet cleaners will be gladly waiting to help.

Carpet Cleaners Sheffield Improving the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell; healthy, fresh and aesthetically-pleasing carpets will impress those showing an interest in your property. They’ll also make the job of the vendors looking to move your property on the market far easier; as they’ll be able to speak confidently about the state that your home is in and show it off during viewings.

Excellent Customer Service from these Carpet Cleaners in Sheffield

Cleanwise Carpet Care also offers Barnsley, Chesterfield and Rotherham carpet cleaning for homes and businesses. To speak to one of their carpet cleaners in Sheffield, you should contact them today. They’re sure to be delighted to further explain how they can benefit you and your property; as they continue to deliver the highest standards of customer service.

The number to call is 0114 2348875.



Networking events Rotherham South Yorkshire

Network North Networking, The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am, Thursday 11th February

Network North Doncaster Invitation

Network North Networking, The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am, Thursday 11th February
Network North Networking, The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am, Thursday 11th February

We are a group of local business people meeting weekly over breakfast. The sole purpose is to pick up new contacts, introductions and new business which we can all do with these days.

We follow a structured yet relaxed agenda designed to drive referrals to our members/visitors, it’s certainly one of the most cost effective methods of developing your business and Network North is one of the most effective organisations in the networking field.


The Garden Room, 4 High Street, Braithwell, Rotherham, S66 7AL

Time and date: 

Tuesday 11th February, 7:15am – 9am


The cost to attend is just £10 (payable to the venue) which covers the use of the venue, unlimited refreshments and the breakfast


To book a place, email Stephanie Walker

Networking events Rotherham South Yorkshire

Network North Networking, Thursdays at The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham 7.15am – 9.00am

Network North
Network North

Could you do with some extra Business?
Could you do with some new Contacts?
Could you do with a proven marketing plan that works?

If your answers to the above are yes, a Network North Business to Business group could take the pain out of sorting the above for you.

We have successful groups meeting all over the North East and Yorkshire, the groups meet weekly over breakfast finishing at 9.00am leaving the rest of your day free. The groups are made up of local like-minded business people all looking to expand and develop their businesses.

As a structured networking organisation our groups are the most cost effective, workable and happy groups to be part of.

Why not pop along to a group and see if Network North is a fit for you and your business.

Rotherham group – meets every Thursday at The Garden Room, Braithwell, Rotherham from 7.15am – 9.00am

Whilst there is a meeting fee of £10.00pp, it does include an excellent breakfast.

To book a place, email Stephanie Walker



Regular networking events Rotherham South Yorkshire

Network North Rotherham, Thursday 14th November, 7.15am – 9.00am

We are a bunch of local businesses that meet weekly every Thursday to swap business referrals and new contacts, by meeting weekly we have

Network North Rotherham
Network North Rotherham

learnt a lot about each other’s businesses in as much, what we are looking for and what an ideal client means to us.

We are a small group that only has one of each business type allowed to join but we are a group of prolific networkers with lots of contacts to share with new members.

Why not have a visit next Thursday and see if Network North is a fit for you and your business, for the £10pp meeting you will also get an excellent breakfast.

The Garden Room
7.15am – 9.00am
Meeting fee is £10pp
Next Meeting Thursday 14th November

For more information, please get in touch with:

Stephanie Walker