Networking events Special offer

WIN-WYN Networking South Leeds 1st April

A different way to network
A different way to network

Lunch Time Networking 1st April 12:30-2:30

Although this event will be held on 1st April this will be no April Fool!
We are over the moon that we will be running our events in partnership with the Hunslet Hawks at the South Leeds Stadium, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5DJ

As an introductury offer for this event on 1st April we will be offering a 50% discount on our normal booking fee of £10. So it will cost only £5 for this occasion and there will be a light buffet included.
All our events avoid the hard sell and focus on what business people need. We then connect you with those who said they can help you and those you said you can help. A WIN-WYN situation!

Michael Stewart of 52art Ltd is our “Info Spotter” for this event and his presentation is entitled:

“Business lessons from the Red Arrows and Billy Connolly”.

In his short presentation he will share insights from his experience in business, from organisations such as the Red Arrows and some pearls of wisdom from business gurus such as Billy Connolly (!)

Michael is a business consultant who works on business improvement and marketing for businesses of all sizes. With experience in business finance, marketing, digital marketing, management and high-performance sport, he knows that those businesses and organisations that plan in detail are the ones best equipped, not only to succeed but, to deliver exceptional performance.

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